Google Apps

Google Apps

If you’re building a website or even just working with your own domain, I recommend that you consider Google Apps.

The main thing I want you to know is that using Google’s services (or “apps”) with your own domain is free for individuals and small teams of less than 10.


As of 12/2012 Google changed their business model to a “for-fee”. Unfortunately, most of the excitement in this post is no longer pertinent.

App or Service?

In essence, a Google “service” like Gmail is termed/considered an “app”. Wouldn’t it be cool to have that “app”, in this case, Gmail, work with your own email address?

You totally can, and if you’re an individual or small team, you can do so for free $50/yr per user.

What’s the big deal with Email?

Most domain registrars include free email hosting with your new domain. Some even offer premium email service for a monthly or annual fee.

The downside to the generally free alternatives, like Horde@MailSquirrelMail, and RoundCube, is that the web interface is not as good as Gmail and the option of a first-rate Calendar, etc. is compelling, too. Yahoo! and other email service providers like AOL, and iCloud or, even, are certainly alternatives, but being able to check your own domain’s email using the Gmail service sets it apart.


With the ending of free Google Apps for your domain, you might now consider the previoues services mentioned above, i.e. dedicated Email Hosting without a website ($2.99/yr – $24.99/yr) or the free email hosting that comes with with the price of hosting your website. Finally, if you like Microsoft’s offering, consider Creating a Windows Live experience for your domain. Disclaimer: I have not used this service before. Just bringing it to your attention that it’s possible.
Other Apps

Beyond email, other core, featured “apps” like Google Drive and Docs enables everyone on your domain to “Stay Connected From Anywhere” and “Work Better Together” – Google says so, and I tend to agree.

As a company, ‘brand’ or personal identity online, having your own domain across the Googlesphere can go a long way towards consistency and recognition. The collection of Google “apps” that help with this include Google+, YouTube, Voice, and even Analytics.


It’s hard to go wrong with a free setup that at it’s very least, offers great email service for your own domain. Many registrars and web hosts even have one-click “install” of Google Apps. Weight he benefits and needs as compared to your hosts email server (or your own). I say, “Go for it!”


Now that Google Apps is no longer free even for email, consider LyndonL’s approach on forwarding emails to your Google account and then setting your outbound email address to look like your custom domain.