Theme Tip: Bridge Theme Meta Boxes in a Custom Post Type

We needed to add the Bridge – Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme meta boxes to a custom post type. This article helped to get us started but there were a few edits, updates, and clarifications as well. Read more


Whenever somebody does something well, I tend to get excited. Shawn Hesketh and the videos of WP101 are an example, and for anyone new to WordPress, these videos will help you learn. WPTuts+ has helped bring them to anyone for no cost to the viewer. Read more

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Thank you for teaching me and letting me learn “How it all works.” Thank you for available and organized information, and results in Google’s search. Thank you for step-by-step tutorials during my introduction and exposure to HTML and CSS. I’m where I am because of your help.

“Success brings interest.” I felt a lot of success learning what I needed to know with you guys.

Thanks. logo introduced me to a whole new world of learning software via video tutorials, available 24-hrs online.

Once I saw it, I felt like I could learn anything because they had a video tutorial for just about every application I was hoping to learn.

And the way in which I could learn made such a difference; all my senses (learning styles) engaged. I essentially had the ideal situation for learning a new “instrument”, through professionally prepared lessons, at my own pace, at any time.

Tutorials you might consider, should you be in a situation similar as I regarding websites, Content Management Systems (CMS), etc. might include topics like WordPress, HTML5, CSS3, and Web Design Fundamentals.

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