Video Hosting - Vimeo and YouTube

Video Hosting: YouTube & Vimeo

And so the world went viral.

Vimeo and Youtube aren’t the only two video hosting services out there, but they are the “big two” in my mind. Update: Check out the post on Wistia.


YouTube uploads 60 hours of video per minute and serves 4 billion views a day (and soon to be more). You’ve seen some of them. YouTube clips have been viewed in the millions. It’s how we found out about Susan Boyle, it’s where we go to see clips of cultural and global events. And it’s all so easy to share video with others.

The kind of laughter that comes from watching a genuinely “Did that just happen” YouTube clip is refreshingly sincere. And the way we can see and hear individuals from around the world is by all standards amazing.

Either way we look at it, for fun and family or return and profit, video is a part of our lives and is arguably important for any organization’s web presence. YouTube, in fact, is the second busiest search engine in the U.S. (Google owns the other one, too).

So does YouTube dominate the market? It depends on who you ask and what type of video (and community) they want to see.


Vimeo – ah, yes, Vimeo – the creative, quality stop for filmakers and artists.

The community at Vimeo is slightly different than that of YouTube. The types of videos that are posted on YouTube aren’t necessarily the type for Vimeo.

If YouTube is a “sea” with lots and lots of fish, Vimeo would be a lake – it takes a certain type of individual to take the time to hike up the mountain to it’s banks.

Plus, not everyone is allowed. Vimeo’s Guidelines do not allow videos intended for commercial use. Fortunately, “exceptions are made for: Independent production companies, authors, artists, musicians, nonprofits, and actors who want to promote the work they have created.”


Though others services are out there (Viddler) and get plenty of traffic (DailyMotion), when it comes to sheer online presence, social sharing, and recognition, I think almost every layman knows about YouTube. And if you’re attracted to anything “creative”, Vimeo will delight your eye. I recommend one of these two for hosting your work.