MostlyWebsites collage of resources and services

Short Intro

MostlyWebsites is both a portfolio of work and web development and design resource prepared by Caleb Weeks.

I do a lot of work on and with the web. This is the place where I write about the most relevant thing for me regarding websites.

If you’re here looking for some help on the web, keep reading – there’s lots of stuff here.

Mostly Websites?

Yes, mostly, but not only; that’s just often where it starts: with a website, or at least the thought of a website – “I/We need a website…”


A lot. Or, a little.

For some, it’s just a quick need, something up, “We’re opening tomorrow!” sort of thing. For others it’s a well thought-out, intricate and detailed process with design decisions that go way beyond the scope of, “Yeah, sure. That looks fine.”

One thing that is the same across the board is that the ideas usually begin with: “We need a website.” (or a website re-vamp.) Those thoughts are often, if not usually, followed with interest in or towards a multitude of other possibilities: Facebook, Twitter, Social Media Integration, Email Newsletters, eCommerce, PayPal, Logo/Colors, Pictures/Video, Publishing/Print…

And that is where I smile, because I, too, once didn’t know how all of that works.


For whatever reason, I think I’m kind of just here to help. I love learning and using my third instrument, the computer (and specifically the Mac). I don’t know that I have anything particularly against Windows, it’s just that I have been happy (even enthusiastic) to work in and with a Mac ever since I first saw one being used back in 2000 and got my own in 2001.

I’ve also tended to notice that I like to help; it seems to be part of my temperament. I don’t mind lending a hand (if I’m able) with what I know or can do towards a project for those I know (or get to know) who have a vision and are working towards “getting [something] done”.

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