Google Voice

Google Voice

It’s good to know about Google Voice. Their widget and Live Chat could fit nicely into your own site, not to mention simply calling from your computer at any time during the day.

Though a local landline can still, today, be of minimal cost, it does cost, and services based on innovation such as internet-based communications have some compelling features to offer. Google Voice is a case in point.

Another solid option is Ooma, and though it is quite different in core features, it has been ranked the #1 Home Service 2 years running – 2011, 2012.

Now, with all this mentioning of fancy devices and features, if it’s just you in life and business and you simply miss tucking that handset between your shoulder and ear, some of the retro handsets come in many different colors.

If you’d like to learn more about Google Voice, check out the features page and things like one number to ring them all, voicemail transcription, international calling, and personalized greetings.