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Social Media | An Organized List

I was semi-amazed recently at the ease with which I took in all those social media/networking/sharing services when I came across a really helpful, organized list in a Widget (of all things) in the Big City Theme by MNKYstudio.

He had organized some of the best websites and applications used for social networking by category in his Widget. I really appreciated his work. I didn’t realize it would only get me started.

I’ve added only a few services (LinkedIn, Scribd, Google+, etc.) in hopes of not overwhelming even myself. This is by no means a complete list of what’s out there. If you want to see the whole thing, there’s quite a conversation going on.

You’ve got a website (or are thinking about one) – how many should you be talking on?

Social/Professiional Networking

Social News & Feeds


And that’s not even all of them – wow. Seeing them in categories like that, for whatever reason, really helped.

I’m sure organizing these services is old news, and popularity seems to rise and fall, but I liked the moment in time where it dawned on me that these many sites, for this crazy world of who’s doing what where and how, could be semi-organized.

How many ways can we say, “Hello”?

Life it totally relationships.

Here’s a post by Heidi Cohen titled 30 Social Media Definitions. Enjoy, and good luck.