Facebook Pages (Starbucks)

Facebook Pages

I wrote about Facebook Timeline back in December. It was an update for personal Profiles on Facebook, and I compared the “Subscribe” feature of a Profile to the public presence of a Page. You can do a quick read about it here.

That idea can still be applied for those interested, but the time has come for Pages.

The Facebook team over in Menlo Park, CA have been working away to incorporate lots of the design elements and usability enhancements from Timeline for Profiles into Facebook Pages. Along with the Cover Photo, Activity Log, and Milestones, the new Admin Panel is a key enhancement. If you want to learn more, visit the the Help Center outline for Managing a Page.

This means businesses, companies, institutions, brands, organizations, musicians, artists and communities (etc.) can all take advantage. It really changes “everything” for the look and feel of your place on Facebook. Customize, Control, and Manage in new ways.

Think of it as a potential enhancement. Facebook with design.┬áIt’s almost like a website.