Google Drive Illustration

Google Drive

We know Google offers much more than just a search engine.

Google Drive is one step closer to “anytime, anywhere” for our files that Google Docs and Dropbox (to name just two) has helped usher in.

This should be fun (and helpful)!

Google Drive. Keep everything. Share anything.

Here is just a quick summary of how it is different (Read more from: Google Docs Is Now Google Drive: How To Enable It)

  1. Unlike Dropbox, Box, and other cloud storage services, Google Drive lets you open over 30 file types right in your browser—including HD video, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop—even if you don’t have the program installed on your computer.
  2. It lets you do a Google search for all your files. Search for content by keyword and filter by file type, owner and more. Google Drive can even recognize objects in your images and text in scanned documents.
  3. For Gmail, you can send a link from Google Drive in Gmail and everyone has the same file, same version—automatically.
  4. For Google+, your videos and pictures in Google Drive are instantly available in Google+, so you’re never more than one click away from sharing with your circles.

Google Apps admins may need to enable the “Rapid Release” track in the dashboard for new features to be available right away. See the Google Apps release process for more information.