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AddThis | Social Sharing Plugin Platform

You’ve probably seen the little orange icon. Over 14 million domains trust AddThis.

There’s a few things I like about them and some reasons why I think you could too, as you also consider other services like DiggDigg or Shareaholic:

  1. It’s a WordPress Plugin (link) – dead simple and easy to use, with options, including a vertical, “floating” share bar (like DiggDigg).
  2. It’s also available as raw Code – code for other AddThis features, like the “Follow” buttons or Welcome Bar is easily generated and can be “embedded” into sidebars or footers/wherever.
  3. Analytics – shares and clicks, in real-time.
  4. Design – pretty, easy, colors and user-experience site-side.

Are there other sharing tools and services out there worth considering? Absolutely. Of note for WordPress users:

  1. DiggDigg – by the makers of Buffer. Overall cool guys. Great plugin.
  2. Shareaholic – quite similar to AddThis.
  3. ShareThis – share buttons and sharing analytics. Platform (not just WordPress).
  4. JetPack “Sharing” module – for those coming from

I didn’t even mention AddToAny (Lockerz Share), the WordPress Social Toolbar (Daddy Design), or WP Socializer. Also left out are larger players like Janrain, LinksAlpha, Gigya, and even Meebo (acquired by Google in 2012).


As for me, I’ve just happened to land on AddThis or DiggDigg. Doesn’t mean the others aren’t worth using! Just the way it went for me after testing.

Thanks for sharing the web! Now back to work…what was I doing again? I think I got distracted…

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