Mail Designer

First came Apple Mail Stationery and tutorials on how to create our own.

Then came the Stationery Packs from equinux – over 300 total – but were we really going to use all those?

Then MailChimp, free template layouts or professionally designed templates for customers, and a world of email expertise and advice.

And finally, the combination of them all: Mail Designer.

Mail Designer

Though the face value of the software requires thoughtful consideration at $69.99, the value of what it can bring for businesses is really fun to think about.

See, HTML in email is nothing but a web page, but “you have to code like it’s 1996“, and that can take a while. Getting the equivalent done with less trouble (and experience in HTML) is something we can all get used to.

If you’re on a Mac, you might take 20-40 minutes and make a template to send to folks where the entire email design – backgrounds, images, colors – and not just your signature, represents your work, store, or organization. How cool.

To top it off, Mail Designer allows us to Export our work in HTML format or send it straight to MailChimp for use with campaigns. This feature has been a treat and is a fun and easy way to make those emails just like we’d like.

Thanks for a great Mac App in it’s first version as it improves over time even more.