Update: Hojoki closed as of September 2014.

The highlights of Hojoki?

  • Notifications of actvity in cloud services (i.e.Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote) via daily briefings by email or handy iOS app.
  • Workspaces that bring related things from all your apps into one space.
  • Discussions and comments on every object from my apps.

In essence, modern day web projects often require sharing larger images, files and documents that aren’t suitable any more for email. It is preferable to use a service like Dropbox. Initial dilemma, however, is being notified as to when a client drops something in there. I often miss a desktop notification that the file has been put in there. Hojoki prevents that and provides a place for comments (team messaging) and collaboration on what is to be done with that file.

Check out the video – it really sums it up.

As the guys over at Hojoki suggest, it’s

Your collaboration home base. Notifications, messaging, and tasks for everything your team is working on in Dropbox, Evernote, Google Calendar, and 30+ other tools.

Tools like this are always worth checking out. It’s true value dawned on me the moment collaborative work with Dropbox files multiplied. Thanks guys!

PS Just in case you wonder about the name Hojoki, you can read about it here.