Gimme Bar

Gimme Bar

Using Pinterest? Have you heard of it? My guess would be a, “Yes.”

Heard of Gimme Bar? Thus the reason for this quick post.

Many use, know, and love Pinterest, an online (digital) pinboard, enabling users to “Organize and share things you love.”

As a fairly long-time Delicious user, I saw myself only using Pinterest for images while still using Delicious for bookmarks.

Then I met Gimme Bar, which has become for me, a wonderful meeting (and marriage) of the two.


Gimme Bar excels in 2 key areas for me:

  1. Collecting any type of media: images, video, text, and even the whole page.
  2. Flexibility: in design (responsive) and in tagging content inline using the # tag

Gimme Bar feels like a nice mix of Delicious and Pinterest. As they say,

Don’t bookmark the web. Save it. Gimme Bar doesn’t just keep bookmarks; it stores items in your personal library in the cloud. You can even back things up to Dropbox.

This post says well what I would simply repeat.

It’s another way to socially share and save. It’s a tool for websites, web users, and great content.