Adobe Kuler

Choosing colors for a web, logo, or creative project in general is a step of first importance. AdobeĀ® Kuler helps. Use the iOS App alongside the website for inspiration and color combos you’re bound to be glad to explore.

Sign In to Save Your Themes

If you’ve ever purchased anything from Adobe, you likely have an Adobe account with which you can sign in to Kuler and Save your color wheels for future use.

Search & Explore | Color Rules

In the meantime, any color combos you create based on the six color “rules” available (go explore them) can be exported for use and reference later.

There is quite a community of color-makers, so search some terms related to the favorite colors you’re looking to use and go from there.

Enjoy the neat complementary, monochromatic, analogous, compound, triad and different shades of colors you’ll see.

What a cool world.