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  1. If you use Carbonite and are curious about CrashPlan, now might be the time – CrashPlan is offering a free year for you: You can read about it on

  2. Daniel Grundel

    Hey Caleb, thanks for checking out my Woo Product Importer and for the kind words. You do some beautiful work!

    Thanks again,

    • Absolutely, Daniel – the way you support and respond to so many inspired what I wrote about the CSV Importer. Your patience and work is exemplary and I encourage you in it.

      And as for the Woo Product Importer, keep up the good work!

      Thanks for your kind words, here, as well. In the meantime, “Happy Tuesday”!

  3. Ryan Buckley

    Hey, your welcome! And thanks for the kind words 🙂

  4. jaime_moscoso

    Thankyou! This worked for my Joomla site.

    • You bet, Jaime – glad to hear (and know) it!

  5. Aykun Cetinkaya

    saved my ass Thanks buddy.

  6. I really liked SpringPad. It was my go-to notebook solution for years. I was sorry to see them go. I guess me not paying for it while in my years of WordPress Support and Maintenance training affected their bottom $.

    My move to Evernote was reluctant. Then I enjoyed it on Evernote. Then Evernote kept nagging me for $$, starting in late 2016. Now in late 2017 my Evernote won’t open for a minute without Avast Antivirus detecting trojans in it and crashing.

    Evernote might not be the problem. I have 20+ notebooks and thousands of items in them. The web is full of mischievous scripts, malware and hackbots. Maybe a page I saved now has malware on it and it’s trying to attack through the page.

    Vulnerability is a reality for all websites, and since there are more WordPress websites than any other type, WordPress sites are the most hacked sites on the web. If you haven’t had a team that had hardened and secured your WordPress website, or if you are on discount hosting, this is a reality for your website.

    Thus, we created a team of WordPress Superheroes to defend the webizens from malicious scripts and Web Supervillains.

  7. I’ve never tried Dropmark, but I found you through your Dropmark collections. Are you still actively using Dropmark?

    What’s your favorite bookmarking tool right now?

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