Theme Trust

Just finished a site using Theme Trust’s Reveal Premium WordPress theme. Great customer service. Theme took a little bit of love. Here’s why.

Microsoft Logo

Microsoft Logo – officially a window, not a flag.

It’s been a long time coming.



I can’t say enough about Pixelmator. Though it doesn’t do everything Photoshop does and can, it sure does just about everything the average web designer (or computer user) could need for $29.

It’s also kind of a pleasure to use.

Theme Junkie

Theme Junkie

Opened since September 2009, the guys at Theme Junkie have some nice themes available – just under 30 of them at the time of this writing.

They offer their themes via single purchases or club memberships, and are worth checking out (check their site for pricing).

As a side note, Theme Junkie’s Daily theme was used as the base for a medical blog I helped complete in 2011.

Things 2


Things 2 is awesome.

Read my post on OmniFocus for more detail on why I love these sorts of things and then come back if you like.

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes

Though not a “marketplace”, such as ThemeForest, with multiple theme authors, Elegant Themes is well established and worth checking out.

With access to over 75 themes for $39/yr, a growing feature list and eye for design, they are worth checking out.

For the all-inclusive price of $39, you are only paying $.50 per theme!

You are also free to use their themes to build websites for your clients.

Lots to learn as you get started – $39 is hard to beat. Check out their Gallery and see if anything strikes your fancy.

Headway Themes logo

Headway Themes

Sometimes working with a blank slate can be the way to go. Especially if it’s Drag and Drop.



It’s hard to limit what can be said about Orman Clark and the team behind Themezilla. Why? Because he is also the guy behind (free stuff for aspiring designers) and overall good design.

I’ve personally used or worked with a number of Orman’s themes (now “Themezilla’s Themes”) and can vouch for their ease of use and customer support.

It’s a good place to start if you want to start somewhere other than ThemeForest.

They also have some plugins worth checking out.

Google Web Fonts

Google Web Fonts

The world of “fonts” (or type/typography), for whatever reason, has almost always mattered to me in my time with the computer.

Ever take an extra moment to choose a font for the “Title” of your paper back in high school (or college) that sort of embodied the feeling/meaning of your submission? When allowed, without thinking about it, I almost always did that.

Themeforest on the Envato Marketplace

ThemeForest, and the entire Envato Marketplace family, has changed the way many build, access, and approach web construction, design, and extension. It’s a win-win, for users and designers, developers and owners.

In their words, you can begin your search for:

Site templates and themes to skin popular CMS products like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla, starting at $5.

It’s a great place to start for WordPress Themes, and I recommend it.

igbok | it's gonna be o.k.

I finished this week. was my first site done in WordPress. This was a learning experience for me, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

During igbok I learned CSS, HTML, and some deeper elements of the Creative Suite by Adobe that I had worked in before but hadn’t fully developed. These were all technologies that I had so longed to learn, for some reason. Having the chance to do so with the team at igbok was an honor and privilege, in my opinion, to do.