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Theme Trust

Just finished a site using Theme Trust’s Reveal Premium WordPress theme. Great customer service. Theme took a little bit of love. Here’s why.

The Design and Functionality of a Theme

Whenever a project is started, the client has an opportunity to describe and envision their design. Sometimes, with guys like Theme Trust and marketplaces like ThemeForest, business owners can actually choose a completed design they already like.

On our end, for those of us making/building the site from there, a theme with lots of flexibility prepared for customization can speed up our job. Even still, “there’s a plugin for that,” as the saying goes, which can help themes that don’t possess out-of-the-box all the features sometimes found in all-achieving themes like Striking.

That was the case with the Reveal theme. Although neat features do come with the theme, like built-in Lightbox, Button shortcodes and Responsive layout, the theme took a little more customization than I anticipated. But their customer service and forums won me in the end.

Another Theme Designer

Check them out! They might have the look you’re going for, and if something goes wrong with the theme, they aim to be trustworthy in making it right.