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Sometimes working with a blank slate can be the way to go. Especially if it’s Drag and Drop.

Theme Frameworks

Headway falls into the category of “Theme Frameworks” which are, essentially, “starter themes that you can use as a foundation for the creation of your own themes.” Other Theme Frameworks beside Headway include PageLines, Thesis, Genesis, and Carrington, amongst others.

An Overview of Headway

Headway has a Visual Editor that welcomes ease of use. Based on a grid to guide layouts, the Design Editor then finishes the project by styling those blocks by point and click.

They’ve kept everything up to date both in the latest web standards (responsive grid, HTML5, CSS3, etc) with mobile optimization as well. Beyond this

The basic Headway Theme is like a blank white slate with lots of defaults that you build on. You can then (as an option) choose from the growing list of “blocks” to further “extend” your theme. Normal WordPres plugins, of course, achieve a similar end.

Fortunately, plugins still seem to work, too. Headway is built to be “compatible with as many plugins and widgets as possible.”

Check them out – drag and drop might just by what you need.