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The world of “fonts” (or type/typography), for whatever reason, has almost always mattered to me in my time with the computer.

Ever take an extra moment to choose a font for the “Title” of your paper back in high school (or college) that sort of embodied the feeling/meaning of your submission? When allowed, without thinking about it, I almost always did that.

You can imagine, then, the delight that came when Google made an easy way to do that for the web.

Do we still use Photoshop/Illustrator to prepare graphics and images for the site when CSS and web fonts won’t do? Absolutely. But does having an easy way to serve up font resources for text elements of a page bring engagement and fun? It sure can.

If the word “Verdana” or “Arial” do anything to you when it comes to “web-safe” fonts, Google Web Fonts might be something you’d like to use.

And credit where credit is due: “Thank you” @font-face.