If you are building a website, then you probably have and/or operate a business…or something that is almost about to resemble a business (substitute “organization”, “venture”, etc.).

The same is probably true if you are helping someone else with their website: they have/sort of have a business, and you are helping them.

Now enters a financial/business word, namely accounting – a term that generally means minutes lost doing that thing you have to do to have integrity and intentionality in a business, etc.

Isn’t it more fun to be playing outside than suffering in front of a computer screen?

Ah, yes.

Well, I am perfectly delighted, grateful (add “finally” to that), and excited to recommend and encourage that you check out Cheqbook. Here’s a video to get you started.

Cheqbook Video

So what?

Even if you’re not thinking…

“So what’s with the excitement over a cloud-accounting website? I thought we mostly covered tools for building websites and designs, etc., etc.?”

…I’ll acknowledge that as a legitimate thought!

Well, does qualify as a #1) cool website (in a different sort of way than normal), and #2) as a financial tool, which are vital to the success of any organization, business, website.

Cloud Accounting is something businesses and organizations, especially the newly established ones, can be encouraged to consider. I’ve been researching, using and collecting them for a while now. Finally, thanks in part to being required to upgrade Quickbooks desktop software in order to continue to import transactions, I just started a new “cheqbook”.

In their words

I know it’s easy for someone to promote work they are proud of, but I think what they have to say on their website is worth reading:

Cheqbook is business tested and accountant approved — easy and intuitive enough for you, yet equipped with the features financial professionals need. If you’re running a small business on a tight budget, Cheqbook is for you. If you’re juggling multiple companies and looking to expand, Cheqbook is for you. But here’s the kicker: Cheqbook is also for your accountant.

Profit and loss statements and balance sheets probably don’t make your heart race. Your accountant, on the other hand, needs them. To prepare your taxes, help you manage your business — they simply can’t be ignored. Think of us like a tool box: for now, you might only need a hammer and a few nails. We’ve got you covered. Down the road, however, your needs may grow — and Cheqbook will be there to grow with you.

In mine

I finally have a solid option I can offer clients and businesses as an alternative to desktop accounting software (like Quickbooks) which many are so used to.

Well done, and thank you, Cheqbook.