If you are building a website, then you probably have and/or operate a business…or something that is almost about to resemble a business (substitute “organization”, “venture”, etc.).

The same is probably true if you are helping someone else with their website: they have/sort of have a business, and you are helping them.

Now enters a financial/business word, namely accounting – a term that generally means minutes lost doing that thing you have to do to have integrity and intentionality in a business, etc.

Isn’t it more fun to be playing outside than suffering in front of a computer screen?

Ah, yes.

Well, I am perfectly delighted, grateful (add “finally” to that), and excited to recommend and encourage that you check out Cheqbook. Here’s a video to get you started. Read more

Facebook News Feed

Facebook News Feed

It is amazing to think of how much goes into one, on-going project like Facebook.

News Feed is the newest element to receive a redesign and features update.

Check it out and see if it adds value to your time on Facebook. Read more

Gimme Bar

Gimme Bar

Using Pinterest? Have you heard of it? My guess would be a, “Yes.”

Heard of Gimme Bar? Thus the reason for this quick post.

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There are few things I love more than ice cream. MailChimp may be one of them.